Top 10 Benefits of Having a Pet

People love their pets. There’s a lot to love about having a pet, but there’s more to appreciate about your little friend than you realize.

Pets can be great companions, but they do so much more for you than just keep you company. Everyone in your household can benefit from the presence of a pet.

A pet provides for more benefits than meets the eye:

  1. You always have a walking partner. It can be more enjoyable to walk with a companion. Dogs are always excited to go for a walk, too. There are even a few cats that like to take a stroll. Studies show that dog owners walk almost 25 minutes longer each day than non-dog owners. Having a pet can improve your fitness.
  2. Your blood pressure will be lower. Having a pet that you find soothing has been shown to lower blood pressure. This can decrease the likelihood of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.
  3. Pets are great for kids. Kids adore pets. Having a pet can help children to be more social, develop stronger immune systems, and learn responsibility. With the right pet, your child always has someone to play with.
  4. You have something to take care of. Life is more meaningful to many folks if they have someone or something that relies on them. Cardiac patients with pets are four times more likely to survive for at least a year than those patients without pets. A pet can give your life a purpose.
  5. Less stress. Spending time with a pet can increase oxytocin and other feel-good hormones in the body. It feels soothing to pet your dog or cat.
  6. Uplift your mood. Pets reduce the likelihood and severity of depression. If you’ve ever had a pet, you already know that you feel better after spending time with your pet. If you’ve never had a pet, what are you waiting for?
  7. Greater social life. It turns out that dog owners have more active social lives. Most people like dogs, and dogs can reduce social tension. It’s easier to walk up to a stranger with a dog than one without.
  8. Less pain. People that spend time with dogs after surgery use less pain medication after surgery than those who don’t. This benefit seems to extend to other situations as well. If you have chronic pain, having a pet that you love can help.
  9. Someone to talk to. Pets are the perfect conversation companions. They’re interested in what you have to say. They never judge. There was even one study that found that intelligent people are more likely to talk to a pet.
  10. A pet can help to keep you and your home safe. While a potential burglar might not be concerned with your cat or parakeet, most would-be intruders prefer to avoid homes with dogs. Even a small dog can make quite a lot of noise when something is wrong.

Pets don’t talk back, complain, judge, or pack up and leave. All pets are different. Consider your needs, desires, and lifestyle. For example, it’s easier to leave a few fish or a cat at home for the weekend than it is a dog.

It doesn’t matter if you like dogs, cats, fish, birds, rats, or rabbits. A pet can do a lot for your happiness, mental and physical health, and overall enjoyment of life!

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