Heal Your Broken Heart and Live Again

Whether it’s from a failed relationship, or a dream that’s clearly never going to come true, everyone has been forced to deal with a broken heart. Since it’s likely to happen in your life more than once, it makes sense to become skilled and knowledgeable at dealing with it.

Broken hearts are painful, but they are temporary. It takes a lot of pain and effort to maintain a broken heart over a long period of time. The most effective solution is to move on and embrace life again. What other option do you really have?

Use these strategies to move forward:

  1. Focus on your own needs. This is the ideal time to work on yourself. You can focus on your own needs and reinvent yourself to your liking. It’s the perfect time to lose a few pounds, get a new wardrobe, or to take salsa lessons.
  2. Make some exciting plans. Heartbreak is partly due to a diminished view of the future. Give yourself something new to look forward to. It could be a trip to Rome or a new car. Have plans for your future that motivate and excite you.
  3. Reconnect with friends and family. This can also be a good time to get back in touch with the friends and family members you may have been neglecting. Get back together with the old gang and create some new memories.
  4. Remove all reminders. You might think you need to keep those old photographs of your ex, but they’re only creating pain and prolonging your recovery. Put all those mementos in a box and stick it in the attic. You can laugh about keeping it in a few years. Out of sight, out of mind. At least, that’s what they say.
  5. Laugh. Laughter can help heal a broken heart. Rent a few funny movies, go to a comedy show, or hang out with your funniest friend. Do whatever it takes to laugh. Maybe it’s time to acquaint yourself with Seinfeld reruns.
  6. Try something new. Make a few changes, and you’ll feel better.
  • Take on a new hobby.
  • Go to a new restaurant.
  • Rearrange your furniture.
  • Find a new job.
  • Learn how to paint or weld.
  1. Help someone else. When you help others, you take your attention off of yourself for a while. It’s a nice break from your sorrow. You might also see that things could be a lot worse.
  • Look for someplace to volunteer that’s close to your home. The closer it is to your house, the more likely you are to do it regularly.
  1. Exercise. Exercise has so many benefits for the body and mind. It uplifts your mood and strengthens your health. You might lose a few pounds, too. That can be great for your self-esteem. It’s possible that you could find a new exercise buddy, too.
  2. Avoid ruminating. Ruminating is a sure path to suffering longer than necessary. Consciously keep your mind in the present. When the past creeps in, redirect your thoughts to something positive in your present.

A broken heart can feel like the end of the world, but it will heal. Focus on taking care of your own needs, making positive changes, and reconnecting with old familiar faces.

Create a vision for the future that makes you feel excited again. Help out someone less fortunate than yourself. You’ll be back on your feet before you know it!

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