Save $50 Each Week Checklist

Saving money is a key component of financial security and prosperity. Having an emergency fund and preparing for retirement are important. Having some money to pass to your children or buy a new car can provide you with a sense of accomplishment. And wouldn’t you love to be able to pay cash for a well-deserved vacation?

Luckily, all these things are possible with some savvy savings habits!

Follow this easy checklist and save at least $50 each week:

  1. Keep your cash. Each time you break a bill, stow away the leftover cash. Use a change jar and put all your leftover change in it each evening. Then, deposit your savings each week.
  2. Take advantage of automatic deposits. Set up weekly automatic deposits from your paycheck or checking account into your savings account. To get started with this habit, choose a small amount, such as $20, that you’ll never miss if you don’t see it. Your savings will grow automatically!
  3. Walk or bike to work. If you’re only a short ride from work, you can save money on gas and car maintenance by simply riding a bike or walking.
  4. Buy generic. We all love the name brand cereals and cookies but switching to generic brands will save you a wealth of money in the long run.
  5. Save more at the store. Plan your weekly menu around your grocery store’s sales for each week.
  6. Never pay full price. Buy items only when they’re on sale or if you can get a discount. Buy in bulk and split the cost with friends.
  7. Work out at home. By exercising at home instead of going to the gym, you can save at least $10-20 a week on gym memberships.
  8. Cut the cable. With the high cost of cable TV, you could save $15 per week (or more) by using a digital antenna, alternative sources of TV channels online, or with devices like those available from ROKU or Amazon.
  9. Kick the habit. Whether it’s smoking, going for a drink after work, grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning, or getting fast-food for supper, cutting down on some weekly spending habits will leave your bank account in a happy place. Which spending habits will you cut down on? List them here and make a weekly plan:
  • Example: Fast Food – pick up fast food only once.
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________

Use this checklist each week and watch your savings grow!

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