Max the Honest Marker Fable

A story about why honesty is always the best policy.

Max the marker longed to show his beautiful color. Luckily, when the twins joined the class, he got his chance. But why did he have to wait so long?

Being part of an assortment of colored dry erase markers made Max happy. He thoroughly enjoyed working in the first-grade classroom where kids would come up to the whiteboard and write with him.

Two of Max’s colleagues, Red Rhonda and Green Gerald, did whatever they could to get chosen by the kids. Most times, they’d roll to the top of the pack just so they could get chosen. As a result, almost everything the children wrote was red or green.

“Why are you guys using trickery to get selected?” Max asked them. “It would be nice if you gave the rest of us a chance.”

But Red Rhonda and Green Gerald continued to give themselves an unfair advantage. That is, until twins named Aden and Adele joined the class. Their favorite color was blue, which happened to be Max’s color.

Whenever the teacher invited either Aden or Adele to come up to the board, they always chose Max. They noticed that the colors used on the board were mainly red and green, so they always chose to add rich bursts of blue.

“Hey, how come that blue guy is getting so much attention when we’ve been hanging out at the top of the pile?” asked one of the dishonest markers.

Immediately, Max replied, “Well, that’s because someone finally noticed that you guys have been giving yourselves an unfair advantage.”

Instead of trying to be what he wasn’t, Max portrayed himself exactly as he was – a brilliant blue. Eventually, someone saw him for his true self and gave him more opportunities than he’d ever imagined.

Moral of the story: Portraying yourself in an honest light always pays off.

Max the Honest Marker Self-Reflection

Max loved being one of the dry erase markers in the children’s classroom. He was always bursting with his brilliant blue color and looked forward to being the marker that kids chose to write with.

Many times, Max would get overlooked, but he never let that get him down. He continued to put his best self forward in positive anticipation.

Eventually, the students saw Max for what he truly was and gave him his moment to shine.

Seeing others get ahead of you is sometimes daunting, but their progress is hardly a reflection of your worth. It’s important to maintain integrity and avoid the temptation to do dishonest things to propel yourself to the top.

Honesty always leads to fitting opportunities for you to excel. Be patient with yourself and allow your blessings to come to you in due course.

As you wait for what is rightfully yours, ignore the efforts of others to gloat about their advantage over you. Anything achieved dishonestly is short-lived. Pay little attention to the reign of people who get to the top by compromising their integrity.

Remain committed to your beliefs and trust the timing of your life. The time you spend waiting on your chance to shine is time to be used honing your skills.

At the end of each day, be content with your achievement of staying true to yourself. It is one of the most difficult things to do in a world where people rarely stand for anything. Being you has its value. Trust that the time is coming for your value to be recognized.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I stay true to myself amidst temptation to impress others?
  2. How do I go about selecting my role models?
  3. How do I feel when someone else is awarded an opportunity over me?

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