Timothy the Tireless Turtle Fable

A story about achieving goals through patience and perseverance.

Being a turtle came with its challenges, but Timothy hardly allowed those to deter him. However, he wondered how he could achieve his most-desired goal yet, which seemed impossible for a turtle. Could he do it?

As part of a family of pets, Timothy the turtle knew that he was loved. Having siblings like Dobermann Danny and Cheshire Chelsea made him very happy.

Despite his contentment, however, Timothy couldn’t help feeling left out. Danny and Chelsea could jump onto the sofa and cuddle with their master, but he couldn’t.

“It’s so easy for Danny and Chelsea to hop onto the sofa with Marie,” Timothy said to himself. “Oh, how I would love to be able to cuddle with her, too!”

Timothy decided at that moment that he would find a way to get himself onto the sofa with Marie. As a turtle, he wasn’t exactly made to climb, but he was committed to making it happen.

Day after day, Timothy tried to climb various surfaces close to the sofa. But the side tables were too slippery, and the wall was too smooth.

Just when he thought he might be out of options, a light bulb switched on in Timothy’s head. “I can climb the sofa!” he exclaimed. “The fibers are loose enough for me to latch on and pull myself up. Brilliant!”

And with that, Timothy started practicing his ascent to the top of the sofa. He spent hours and hours until he was satisfied that his approach was reliable.

That evening, Marie settled on the sofa to watch her favorite TV show. Timothy smiled as he watched Danny and Chelsea hop up next to her, knowing that he was now able to join. In a matter of minutes, he was right next to Marie on the sofa.

“Well, look at you,” said Marie, proud of Timothy. And they all cuddled happily.

Moral of the story: A little creativity and a lot of patience gets you to your goals.

Timothy the Tireless Turtle


Timothy had a lot in his life to be thankful for, but sometimes he missed out on the simple things. He yearned for the chance to cuddle with Marie on the sofa like his siblings, Danny and Chelsea.

He convinced himself that there had to be a way for him to make his dream a reality.

And with his newfound conviction, Timothy tirelessly searched for ways to get himself to the top of the sofa. He gave each option his best shot until he found one that worked.

When something is deeply important to you, that’s when you find the perseverance to pursue it. Even when the odds are stacked against you, your effort and patience eventually lead you to a solution or way forward.

Giving up is your last resort. It’s very likely that when you persevere with patience, the answers that you seek will find their way to you.

Although sometimes the journey seems burdensome, trust yourself. Believe in your ability to keep pushing through. That’s where strength comes from. Believing that you have what it takes will motivate you.

Whenever you feel tired, take a moment to rest, but always get back up. Each forward step you take brings you closer to your goal. Ignore the fact that the task seems mammoth at the moment. Chip away at it slowly and win.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Where do I find the extra energy to remain tirelessly focused on my goals?
  2. Who do I turn to when I require a little motivation?
  3. What impact does rejection have on my will to keep going?

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