Selena The Self Confident Snake Fable

A story about loving your true self.

Growing up in the jungle with her friends in the animal kingdom brought Selena Snake a lot of joy. It warmed her heart to know she made forever friends. But, would she be able to keep those friends as she grew?

Sometimes, Selena couldn’t help but notice one glaring difference between her and the other jungle animals: She would shed her skin as often as four times per year.

“I wish my body wouldn’t constantly change as much as it does,” she said to her mom one day. “I just don’t know if my friends will love me the same with every change.”

Having lived through the same concerns in her younger days, her mom was empathetic. She shared some motherly wisdom with her daughter.

“Selena, honey, the only beauty that truly matters is the beauty inside.” She continued, “Your friends love being around you because you have a big heart.”

Selena stopped to take in her mom’s advice. She thought back to the endless times her friends hugged her so tightly because she was so kind to them.

“Y’know, mom,” she said, “I think you might be right!” My friends have never shied away from me because my skin sheds.”

Selena began to accept that her friends gravitated towards her because she was a wonderful person on the inside.

From that day onwards, Selena developed a deeper love for her character. Over time, her confidence grew and so did the bond with her childhood friends.

Moral of the story: The beauty you exude from the inside shines brightly on the outside.

Selena the Self-Confident Snake Self-Reflection

What Selena was faced with growing up is the same thing that has probably affected you at some point in your life. Falling victim to never feeling good enough is a truth that is lived by so many.

With societal pressures constantly projecting images of how you should look and act, it becomes difficult to embrace the true beauty that comes from within.

The minute you accept the positive energy that being your true inner self brings, you’ll see a complete transformation in how you feel about yourself.

The world is filled with so many cues that falsely define beauty. Some are focused on body weight, while others on sense of style. But those things are truly unimportant.

What matters most is the content of your heart. Your natural instincts to be kind to others makes you beautiful.

Waking up each morning with positive intention sparks the value that you’re meant to give to the world. By positively impacting the lives of others, you show your true, beautiful colors.

Give little regard to how your inner beauty is packaged. It’s what it generates that leaves a lasting impression on those around you.

So, the next time you feel a little self-conscious about how you look, remind yourself of how you’ve helped others. Focus on being a beautiful person on the inside and your self-confidence will soar.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I encourage myself to accept my flaws and shortcomings?
  2. What impact do motivational influences have on my confidence?
  3. What is my favorite definition of true beauty?

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