Affirmation Reflections: My Integrity Shines Brightly

Integrity is my number one value. I have learned from experience that I must maintain my integrity at all costs. I influence others with my integrity.

Integrity is my legacy.

With all the influencers out in the world today, I must use discernment with whom I associate. I am vigilant about maintaining my inner integrity.

I can tell by my intuition if someone has integrity, and I prefer to spend my time with others who value this important quality as well.

I use wisdom to help me determine what I share as an influencer. I take this as a moral responsibility. I keep my ego in check. In fact, I send my ego on a vacation to Tahiti. My ego has a wonderful time in Tahiti as my highest self makes decisions in this regard.

From the highest place of integrity within my soul, I find words of wisdom to share with others.

I see myself as a wisdom mentor. It is vital that I stay in integrity while working with clients.

I have extremely good boundaries around my integrity. My integrity has a firm foundation. My castle of integrity has a huge moat around it.

Today, I feel strong, safe, and secure with my integrity intact. I refuse to waiver in what I know is right for me. Integrity is my legacy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who would l like to influence? Clients? Students? Children?
  2. In what way would I like to use this power of influence?
  3. How can I stay in complete integrity as an influencer?

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