Affirmation Reflections: I Become Unified In Diversity

When I research diverse thoughts and cultures, I enrich my life. I become more whole. I become more unified. I have greater understanding. I am a more compassionate person.

The more I diversify, the more united I become. I unify all the diverse aspects of my life like a weaver weaves a rug. I become more inclusive.

My world widens as I encompass greater knowledge of different perspectives. I learn to respect other peoples’ views. I listen to what motivates their behavior.

Just as a University brings diverse subjects and fields under a unified umbrella of study, I start to weave the threads of Unity into a greater whole world view.

I become empathetic toward all cultures. I gain greater understanding for all races. I am respectful toward all religions.

I delve into the study of philosophies and arts. I become a collector of diverse ideas. I cull the depths of books to see the unified thread throughout all of humanity. We all just want to live and take care of our families.

I realize that all people are my brothers and sisters around the globe. I investigate the stories of the past and see the application to our time now. I study ways to unify diversity while honoring all the stories.

Today, my compassion extends to all plants, animals, and elements. My world is diverse. My world is ONE.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I do my part to unify diversity?
  2. What role do I want to play? Am I a writer? Speaker? Artist?
  3. How can I make my vision of a better world into my mission? What is my mission statement?

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