Abroad, far from comfort and habits, it often happens not to feel safe and to fear being robbed of his business, mainly his money! To prevent this from happening and to travel serenely, here is a list of 10 tips to hide his money on a trip.

1 – Buy a closing bag in the back

Secure closure bags keep all your belongings safe and safe to walk around because the closure is against your back, preventing anyone outside to open your bag without your permission.

This indispensable and clever accessory allows you to walk in crowded streets with confidence and stay safe from pickpockets! This kind of bag is very used and recommended by regular travelers.

2 – Hang padlocks on your bag and / or suitcase

You can also use the good old methods, that is to say, hang padlocks to your luggage.

This widely used technique will avoid theft as much as possible. However, it’s a great trick as long as you do not forget the codes! If in any case you do not want to go with a lot of cash on you, we found a comparison of the best bank cards to go on a trip, right here.

3 – Hide notes in shoes or socks

Another trick rather practical and easy to achieve is to slip some money into your shoes (a few tickets). Of course, we must ensure that nothing exceeds, and be discreet when we take out the tickets from their hiding place and they put away after paying.

In the same idea, we can hide this bundle in our socks but it can pose a problem of hygiene, so we can put a second pair of socks and wedge money in between. This is not the most comfortable tip but it is certainly the most practical in case of emergency because it does not require any material to predict in advance.

This trick is obviously not possible if you wear flip flops!

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4 – Do not put all your money in one place

The first thing to do to avoid being stolen money on the trip is of course not to put all your loot in one place. It must be separated in at least two places.

For example, you can put some of your cash in the discreet pouch of a suitcase and the other in the pocket of a backpack (avoid side pockets that are easier to reach for pickpockets).

Outside, you can also put some cash in one pocket of your pants and a little more in the other (in the front pockets only). Thus, in case of aggression, just take out what is in the least filled pocket and the contents of the second pocket is kept.
It is also better to bring with you several credit cards to avoid any problem in case of theft.

5 – Put on a money belt

The cash back belt, is a trick more and more known and used by travelers because it is quite convenient.

More discreet than a banana because we do not think it can contain or hide something, this kind of belt exists in several models, several sizes and several colors. Different brands offer this kind of accessory, we can find on Amazon.

6 – Take a small wallet other than the everyday one

When traveling, it is best not to bring your usual wallet which contains a lot of cards, lots of cash, identity papers and other documents that you must not lose. That’s why taking a small wallet specifically for travel is a great solution. It must contain the bare essentials for this stay and not be too bulky and therefore easy to hide anywhere.

There are also protective card sleeves to prevent reading of contactless card data. Very useful for traveling!

7 – Hide money in a fake tube of sunscreen

All hotels and hostels abroad are not necessarily reliable and welcome a lot of passage. To protect your money from the view of all, it is clever to hide it in unusual places like for example … a tube of sunscreen! Obviously emptied beforehand, a tube of cream can easily contain a wad of notes.

The tip of the fake tube of sunscreen also works very well with a pack of tissues, a bottle of shampoo or other objects that we would not suspect that it can serve anything but their primary function …

Be careful not to fall into your own trap and do not throw the tube of cream that you would think empty and therefore useless!

8 – Wear a waterproof pouch around your neck

A waterproof pouch will allow you to easily hide your money and will also allow you to swim with, if you are afraid to leave your business on the beach during your swim!

9 – Sew a secret pocket inside your pants

For the most far-sighted (and clever of their hands), it is quite clever to sew a pocket inside your pants. This makes it easy to hide money or something else important.

This is a trick that does not hide your money every day (only when wearing the pants in question), however it is super-efficient and very discreet!

10 – Never show that you have money

Finally, it is obviously necessary never to take out of your pocket a wad of bills that is visible to all, neither in a shop nor in the street. Just as we must not check that we always have money, in the street. We must wait to be out of sight. In short, do not show that you have money on you.