I do not know about you but I’ve always been curious to know which were the most visited places in the United States, so I started researching and after reading a report from “Le magazine du Tourisme”, I had several surprises because if some sites are really obvious others did not seem worthy of so much attention … But I will stop putting up and start with my list. Prepare the suitcases that we are going on a trip!

– Times Square first appears, the famous New York Square receives a little over 39 million tourists each year. Located at the intersection of Broadway and the seventh avenue is the perfect meeting place for all those who are going to see a musical or those who are simply attracted by the light show that floods the square at night.

– We’re still in New York! We go to the lungs of the city; to walk through Central Park with squirrels and joggers … Located in the center of Manhattan this immense park has an area 4 times larger than the Principality of Monaco and 8 times that of the City of the Vatican. The 38 million tourists who visit it every year almost fit all together!

– Washington Union Station trains almost 37 million tourists each year, was inaugurated in 1908 and was conceived to be the main access to the American capital. It has certain architectural similarities with Grand Central Station in New York, although it has appeared in fewer films … It is characterized by its immense central hall, with spiral staircase included, and its high white and gold vaulted ceiling.

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– We continue our route through the United States and we go to the state of Nevada, to Las Vegas and more specifically to the Strip. This wide boulevard has an area of ​​more than 6 kilometers and receives more than 29 million visitors every year. A few years ago the main attraction of Las Vegas were its casinos and … getting married! However, this city attracts more and more tourists every day because one of the best reasons to sleep in Las Vegas is that it is the ideal place to organize a trip to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, an unforgettable experience I assure you. In addition many visitors decide to spend the night to enjoy some of the shows of the city that is known for offering the best shows of magic, circus and various shows (The Circus of the Sun has 8 permanent programs there) or music.

– Now we’re going to get romantic and we’re going to go to Niagara Falls very close to the Canadian border. It is visited by 22.5 million tourists a year and many of them are newlyweds because this town is one of the favorite destinations for honeymoon trips in the United States (and Canada to a lesser extent). It is a city completely thought for tourism that in addition to its natural beauty also has an endless leisure offer with a water park, many restaurants, bars, shows, parades … etc. … They were also the scene of one of Marilyn’s most famous films Monroe, because it seems that in the United States everything ends up on film …

– We are going to another train station that in this case if it counts among my favorites: Grand Central Station, again in New York, with 21.6 million visitors every year. It is the largest station in the world if we refer to platforms, 44 that will become 75 when you join the Long Island Railroad. This station celebrates 100 years this year and is almost a mini city within the Big Apple, 125,000 travelers a day (and almost 500,000 daily tourists), more than 10,000 meals served daily in the station’s 35 restaurants, 68 stores, exhibitions, concerts … It is one of the hearts of the city and it is worth visiting even if only for the amount of movies that you will remember when entering the main hall: “With death in the heels”, “The Untouchables”, “Trapped for his past, “Armageddon” etc. …

– We are approaching the end of the list, we are going to Boston to Faneuill Hall, a historic building located almost on the seashore that, since 1742, has served as a meeting place. There the crowds gathered to hear Samuel Adams, one of the founding fathers of America, demonstrating in favor of independence from the United Kingdom. That building, along with others from the same period, now constitute a group of buildings that host the Faneuil Hall Market Place, maintaining its vocation as a meeting place and heart of the city, 18 million visitors come every year to know it.

– In the eighth place we have a theme park, we know that deep down we are children! The Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, receives every year more than 17 million visitors making it the most visited park in the world. It is the oldest park in Disney after Orlando, it was built in 1971 and today 5 more parks welcome the fantasy enthusiasts.

– And we’re still with Mickey! The ninth place is occupied by the first park conceived by Walt Disney in 1955, the DisneyLand Park in Anaheim (Los Angeles). In principle it was created as a recreational place for the workers and collaborators of the Disney firm (what luck!) But it was clear quickly that the demand of the public in general was so wide that it could be another business of the Disney industries. Its almost 16 million visits a year show that, once again, Walt Disney was a visionary who knew ahead of his time.

– In the tenth place we find one of my favorite destinations: San Francisco. In the United States it is considered as “the favorite city of all Americans” and in this case I feel totally American too! I remember my walk on Pier 39 as one of the most pleasant moments I spent during my visit to the new continent. This place created in 1978 really has a lot of charm and I really enjoyed the walk, by the sea, with the wooden pontoons invaded by sea lions and taking the best clam chowder of my life, a thick fish soup served in an open bread . It was originally created as an open-air shopping center but has become a lively place for both the bay’s own surroundings, the many seaside dining outlets and the live performances offered almost every day. It is a place that really deserves to be visited and 14 million visitors do it every year.