The idea of ​​moving abroad and starting a new life in another city can be overwhelming, but you also have to think of it as an exciting opportunity to learn, explore and arm yourself with a lot of skills that will be very useful in life. Thousands of people do it every day, they move for work, family or academic reasons, and, if they can, you too! Above all, with our tips for newcomers to a new city will be helpful.

Make friends

One of the fastest ways to adapt to a new place is, even if it sounds like cliché, make some good friends. These are the 3 basic steps to make friends when you move –

Step 1: Talk to your new roommates and make an effort to talk with the other students in your course if you are studying abroad. It is important to feel comfortable with the people you see on a daily basis. Since everyone will be in a similar situation, you will have conversation topics to start connecting with them.

Step 2: Expand the network and join a club or practice a sport to meet new people with common interests.

Step 3: Make friends with locals too, they will teach you your new city better than any travel guide would.

Feel at home anywhere

Before your departure, pack some things that remind you of home, not just the basics. A few pictures in pretty frames or your favorite sheets will make your new room cozier. Take also a packet of sweets or snacks, they will come in handy when you feel nostalgic or to invite your new colleagues. There’s nothing like making a good first impression!

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Make the most of cultural exchange

This experience will be a magnificent opportunity to get to know another culture. Immerse yourself in the language by speaking with everyone in your native language, thus improving your linguistic knowledge and, before you know it, you will learn the most popular colloquialisms and the local slang. But cultural experiences go far beyond simply learning the language, do not stop trying new foods. Try the local delicacies and try to cook the ones you like the most.

Manage money well

If you are going to move for a long period to a city that uses a different currency, it is essential to open an account in the local currency as soon as you arrive. It can be a complicated process, so it’s better to do it as soon as possible. If you are only going to be there for a few months, a prepaid card may be a better option. You only have to transfer money in the local currency to your prepaid card and use it as a debit card, so you will not have to pay commissions for withdrawals at ATMs, commissions for foreign currencies or commissions for use abroad. Too many commissions. If you need advice, your new classmates or faculty members can help you with the details.


Do not stay at home when you have free time. Take the subway, get on a bus, go for a walk … Explore your new city. Start visiting the places of tourist interest. Once you know the city from the perspective of a tourist, you will get an idea of ​​which parts of the city you would like to know better. Then, gather a group of your new friends and go out in search of hidden corners, little-known cafés and local restaurants. Once you have located your favorite places, visit them frequently. In a short time you will feel at home.