How to Move Abroad Step By Step

We tell you what you should do and plan to go to live in another country.

Moving abroad is a decision that goes around the minds of many young people or who is close to retirement. Change of space, lifestyle, learning another language, having a different job or studying are some of the motivations that people who decide to change their country of residence, either permanently or temporarily.

And like any change, it brings with it various processes that the person must do to make their transition as friendly as possible and have the best possible setbacks. Here we explain how to move abroad, step by step.

Country election

This decision can have two origins: that you already have an offer of study or work in another place or that you arrive at the place to look for any of the two opportunities. Although the most advisable is the first, it does not mean that the previous one is impossible. Choose the country based on the knowledge you may have about it, such as culture, language, quality of life and, of course, that these match what you are looking for in the future.


Once you know which country you want to leave, you should research all the documentation you need to enter and stay; if a visa is required, if you need a vaccination card and what vaccines, your current official IDs, if your driving license serves in that country. You must also bring the documentation that accredits your studies, if you are going to look for a job related to this; These documents must be certified by the government of your country because this serves to verify that it is a valid document.

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Try not to arrive empty-handed in the country you want to leave because you do not know if you will have stability soon. Even if you already have a secure job, your pay will not arrive until after a certain period so you can work extra, sell your things as well as eliminate expenses to save as much as possible. It is also important that you carry a savings fund that can be used for emergencies.

Know the country

Investigate about the country you will go to live in but do not limit yourself to the tourist: delves into the aspects of daily life such as transportation prices, food in the super, areas recommended for living, rental costs and if They are furnished or not. It also seeks information about their customs and if they have cultural restrictions as well as if it is customary to leave tips, which side is handled, some urban rules, etc.

Prepare your move

Knowing information about the country you will go to will help you determine, for example, what kind of clothes you should wear, what you should leave or sell in the place you leave, what you need to start your life there. Do not bring unnecessary things and make a list with everything you need to serve as a guide to not forget anything, this list can include the documents mentioned above as well as your necessary items for your first days.

Mental preparation

It is very important not to romanticize your life in your new city, because things are not always as we imagine them, so you must take into account that you will be in a place that is perhaps unknown and with different ways of living than you are used to. Also get ready to say goodbye to family and friends and be very aware that you will not see them anymore; That change is important and you must take the necessary steps to not feel down.


When you are already in the new country, you will go through a period of learning that the sooner you get over it, the better your stay will be. Seek to integrate with the people around you and make new friends, you can contact people from your country who live in the new one that you have moved to and help you adapt better.