How to find the ideal nanny? What qualities should it have? The time has come to join the work after the maternity leave and you face the task of finding a nanny, which for many mothers can be very stressful. How to choose a trusted babysitter? What qualities should a professional childminder have? We give you the keys to know how to recognize the perfect nanny for your child.

1) Finding a nanny will be easier if you only interview experienced kangaroos

    a) Finding and selecting a nanny will be less complex if you only call the job interview to experienced babysitters.
    b) In the first telephone contact with the candidates, we advise you to ask them if they have previous experience as nannies, if they have worked in nurseries or nursery schools and all the possible details about their previous jobs as child minders.
    c) Also ask the nannies to e-mail you their curriculum vitae before beginning the interviews. In this way you will make a previous filter that will limit the search process.

2) To find a trusted nanny it is essential that you have references

    a) The references of a nanny are the best way to check your experience.
    b) References can be by telephone or through a letter of recommendation.
    c) Call previous employers to check references, be incisive when asking. Questions such as what the nanny did, why she left the job or what her virtues and defects are as a child minder will help you make a decision.
    d) If you ask the babysitter for her working life, you can check by an official document if she has previously worked with children, names of former employers and the duration of each job.

3) The ideal nanny has training or studies related to child care

    a) Babysitting work may seem easy but not all child carers are prepared to carry it out.
    b) The larger the training, studies or courses related to child care, the more qualified the nanny will be to carry out their work.
    c) If any of the candidates has studied or is pursuing a career as a child education, special education, teaching, or pedagogy, you will know that you have not only training but a clear vocation towards teaching and caring for children.

 4) Vocation, one of the essential qualities of the perfect nanny

    a) We have already seen that the professional career of the nanny has to be clearly oriented to the care of children.
    b) That the nanny has a vocation is essential for her to develop her work well.
    c) It seems obvious but it is not, one of the fundamental requirements for nanny work is that you like children.
    d) Ask her what she likes best about her work, what the children bring to her and even some anecdote that has happened to her as a nanny and that she remembers with special affection.

5) If you have children of school age, the ideal nanny will help you with your homework

    a) Sometimes children need help with homework or have someone follow up. This work is sometimes not possible for parents.
    b) Finding a nanny with training and studies is a great help in these cases.
    c) It is important that you transfer what your child’s academic development is, if you need more reinforcement or do well with all the subjects.
    d) Four out of ten US parents prefer to hire native or bilingual nannies. A kangaroo who speaks languages ​​will teach your child in a natural and playful way the use of another language. In addition, you can help with school materials in another language.

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 6) The perfect nanny will have the same educational values ​​as yours

    a) In addition to experience, references and academic training, educational values ​​are essential when it comes to finding and selecting the right nanny.
    b) When interviewing candidates, make sure your educational philosophy is the same as your family philosophy.
    c) Ask them about specific situations such as how they would solve a tantrum or what they would do if the child answered or lacked respect.

7) To have a trusted nanny it is essential that she be communicative

    a) It is essential that there is a fluent communication between the nanny and the parents.
    b) You must have total confidence in the babysitter who takes care of your child, only then you can leave her with the child at home without having extra worries.
    c) A proactive and communicative nanny will not wait for you to ask how the day has gone; she will communicate important details on a regular basis.

8) Fun, imaginative and with initiative, the best playmate for your child

    a) The perfect nanny should not only be for you, but also for your son. Think about the specific needs of the child, the physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development of your baby.
    b) According to various scientific studies, the game contributes to a better brain development of the child. The game experience thus contributes to a transformation in neuronal connections, which will allow the baby to have a greater capacity for problem solving and emotion regulation.
    c) A kangaroo with whom you can play, have fun and develop your imagination will be the best stimulus for your child.

9) An orderly and disciplined caregiver

    a) When there are children at home it is inevitable that the family home is messy. An orderly and responsible professional will help you to be more relaxed when you return from work.
    b) It is important that the babysitter teach the child to order their room and their toys since childhood, through games, songs and everyday routines.
    c) Discipline is another of the fundamental factors. When the nanny is given a series of guidelines and rules for child care, you must comply with them and respect them.

10) The ideal nanny is trained to take care of a baby

    a) A baby requires a series of specific care that the babysitter must master.
    b) Changing diapers, preparing a bottle, feeding her, bathing her or holding her in their arms are fundamental tasks.
    c) You must make sure that you have developed these tasks previously.

As you have just seen, there are many qualities that the ideal nanny should have. Finding and selecting the perfect kangaroo is only possible through a series of interviews with the best candidates. Dedicate time to the selection process, be demanding, thorough and check references. And do not forget, trust your instinct!

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