Finding plane tickets at the best price is an art that can be learned. Many websites, mobile apps, rules and search tips will help you save money. Here are some tracks.

1. Be flexible

Being flexible about your destination is a big plus that will allow you to keep more money in your pockets when you purchase airfares: you simply opt for the destination with the cheapest tickets (the Kayak website offers a feature Explore who will help you in your research). If changing your destination is out of the question, having flexible travel dates can also save you money. You will avoid traveling during the most popular, and therefore more expensive (weekends, Fridays and Mondays, school holidays, the holiday season, summer …)

2. Be adventurous … or not at all

Two minus – or more – before departure: according to travel agents and tour operators, it’s time to find airline tickets at the best price. You do not have foresight? Buying your tickets at the very last minute can also pay off, especially for charter flights. Several tour operators here also offer a last minute discount section, have a look.

3. Shop and compare

A plane ticket, like any major purchase, is shopping. Fortunately, many great deals and flight comparators have been created to do the work for you. On your list of sites to discover, you can immediately note the Hopper, Skyscanner, Kayak, Farecompare,, Google Flight, Mondogo, Flighthub, Yapta, Easyvoyage, Liligo,, Yulair. Many of them offer price reduction alerts before the purchase (and even up to 24 hours after the purchase of the ticket, this is the case of Yapta).

It is also worthwhile to check directly on the site of the airline offering the lowest price found: it is sometimes offered for less.

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4. Read all

Fashion is the so-called “low cost” or “discount” companies offering often crazy offers to popular destinations. Be careful not to get carried away too quickly and read all the rules related to these promotions. Seat purchase, payment requested for checked baggage, maximum weight and width for cabin baggage, meals on board and paid registration at the airport, taxes often staggering and supplements of all kinds are waiting for you.

5. Travel insurance, inquire

Already have insurance? In this case, be smarter than the machine and make sure that the cancellation insurance or travel insurance option is not automatically applied by the site used when booking your ticket. Check your coverage (with your credit card company, for example) before removing the hook in the small box reserved for this purpose.