Here I present a list of tips to take into account, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

The moment has arrived! Surely you have been thinking for months what would be the destination on your vacation and planning to the smallest detail. For this reason, and for nothing to interrupt the fun of this season, I present 25 tips to consider when traveling.

Before Travelling

1. As much as you know the destination of your vacation, do not forget to check on your Smartphone or on the various weather channels what the weather will be like. That will become a great help when carrying your suitcase.

2. When starting to pack it is a good idea to put on the bed, and separately, what you will put on each day, so you will not forget anything.

3. If you are looking to reduce luggage, choose shoes or tennis that go with one or more outfits.

4. Your suitcase should include deodorant, mosquito repellent, sandals, at least one jacket and a formal outfit; you never know where you will end up on your vacations.

5. When packing, try to put your toiletries in a sealed bag or somewhere in the suitcase where your clothes are not at risk of staining.

6. Do not forget camera, cell phone, computer and even razor chargers.

7. Take reseals able bags for swimsuits or laundry.

8. If your destination is the beach, keep in mind to bring sunscreen, burn cream, a hat, a good book and portable speakers.

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9. If you are traveling by road, remember to check the levels of your car and make sure to bring current cables, signs, tools and a lamp.

10. When traveling by plane do not forget to keep a copy of your documents (passport, visas, driver’s license and plane tickets) in your suitcase in case your luggage is stolen or lost.

11. Another option is to leave a copy of your passport and itinerary with your family or friends so that they can send it to you by mail in case of emergency.

12. Bring the contact number of your medical service and make sure you have coverage abroad.

13. In case you travel abroad, do not forget to ask your bank how much money you are allowed to take out at ATMs in another country, so you can schedule your withdrawals.

14. A good option is to bring a mini medicine kit, where you can include pills for headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea. He also carries medical prescriptions.

15. We recommend that you carry a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage, in case your luggage is lost.

16. It is a good idea to weigh your suitcase at home, to avoid extra charges at the airport. If the suitcase is new, do not forget to put your name.

17. Remember to leave your house in charge with the neighbors, it is good that someone enters to open the windows and turn on some lights for safety. Do the same with your pets.

During The Trip

18. Once in the hotel, put a door shim can prevent someone from entering your room when you are in it.

19. Never put all your money in cash in one place.

20. If your Hotel has a Security Box, do not hesitate to use it.

21. Read the brochures and directory of your room to find out which hospitals, restaurants or attractions are near the hotel, if necessary.

22. Use your GPS or Smartphone to locate yourself in the city; you can also download applications to locate sites of interest around you.

23. Make sure you keep several memories for your camera, so you will not lose all your photos in case of theft or loss.

24. Always ask to show you the premise or license in places to snorkel, dive, parachuting or surfing fast.

25. Do not change all your money in local currency; you may need dollar during the return.