Traveling cheap … or FREE? No, it’s not a joke. It’s possible. In fact, there are some who do it all the time. You just have to know how.

Look at these 18 ways to travel for little or nothing, to see if you dare!

Volunteer programs

There are many volunteer organizations that allow you to travel through the country of your choice and receive a payment for it as well. Some of them ask for contributions to pay the expenses, but the majorities are non-profit companies.

1. Wwoof – The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, offers free accommodation and food in exchange for work on a farm. This group has affiliations in 53 countries.

2. Join the Peace Corps – The Peace Corps offers two annual travel opportunities to varied regions such as Asia, South America and Africa. You can also earn a small salary. Anyone can apply, regardless of their age.

3. Join the Volunteers for Prosperity – This organization offers very short or very long stays. If you are looking for an opportunity for an express trip, this may be.

4. Join the United Nations Volunteers Program – As a UN volunteer you can visit literally anywhere on the planet, with all expenses paid, plus benefits such as salaries and loans. The UN usually takes people specialized in certain areas.

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5. Volunteer to raise funds – If you can commit for a significant period of time, join volunteer organizations as a fundraiser. You will be paid for room and board along with the flight expenses.

6. Make Couch Surfing – Find people that welcome you in their homes in your chosen destination and enjoy staying there pleasantly in their homes. Look on You will find the best couch surfers on this site, with guaranteed security for the host as well as the traveler.

7. Become a Global Freeloader – Another option is to register for free on Global Freeloader ( This program is similar to Couch Surfers, but Global Freeloaders must accommodate travelers within 6 months after their registration.

8. Join the Servas – Servas Group ( is a cultural exchange program approved by the UN and almost 50 years old. It is a fantastic network of people and places. Members are rigorously interviewed before their membership is approved.

9. Join the Hospitality Club – The Hospitality Club (, is another cultural exchange program completely hosted on the internet. The members are rigorously investigated including passport entries, online activity and checking of bank cartolas.

Explore other inexpensive options

10. Become a Travel Organizer – If you can organize travel itineraries for groups, you could work as a leader of travel groups. It will be your job to plan each step of the trip, including visas and lodging arrangements. For more information, look at and

11. Be a House Sitter – Promote your House Sitter services on the and sites. How to refuse free accommodation in exchange for watering the plants and feeding the cat?

12. Join the crew of a boat – If you can contribute your skills on a cruise or a yacht as a mechanic, cook, artist or manager, you could join a maritime crew and travel the world on water. See opportunities at or at

13. Transport Vehicles- Check with relocation and car rental companies if you can drive their cars to their new homes. The owner of the car will pay for the gasoline costs and if you can take care of lodging and food, it is a cheap trip.

14. Get a Student Scholarship – See the UNESCO Study Abroad Guide at … to see opportunities abroad and see the scholarships available.

15. Get on the trip – If someone travels to the same destination as you, ask if you can join. You can reduce gas and lodging costs. Find others like you at,,, and

16. Exchanging Work for Lodging – If you have no problem with working for your food, exchange for stays in hostels. You can apply for work in hostels before your trip in places like, and others.

17. Do short jobs – Look for short jobs abroad. You can work as a Spanish teacher, as a child caregiver, as a fruit picker and much more. Look for work on the sites,,,,

18. Exchange Homes – If you have a house or apartment in any city, promote it at, or You will find someone with a house in the city you want to visit. You can coordinate and exchange residence for the duration of your trip.